Meet the Members

Here is the section to get to knowing who we have as a core basis of members; some are scattered in other towns/states that can/will help joining us when/should we land ourselves in other areas for cases and clients. 


Brett~ Founder/Leader

HSP/Empath mix stemming from personal experiences all life long, to date, and having had to have my own time of needing help from others and teams to help return my own Balance back. 

Brent~ Investigator

Sensitive, Empath, encompassing strength, stamina, and peacefulness! Enjoys down time and quality time with good people! 

Cindy~ Investigator

Sensitive, Compassionate, Understanding, Might, and loves laughter and enjoying life with loved ones! 

Jessica~ Investigator

One bright soul that has more strength than she knows sometimes and a grand ally to have in your corner no matter what you're going through.


A HSP (hypersensitive person) also, she has a heart of gold and a personality of a lover, but don't take the not being a fighter idea from her! She has more to her than sugar, spice, & everything nice! 

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Steven~ Investigator

Joining the team He brings adequate amount of strength, ptotection, openness, and more! We are thankful to have him on our side, he sees the truth and beauty in things in the circle of life. One perfect example of what not to do when it comes to his loved ones being impacted. 

Tracey~ Investigator

Tracey stems from ample personal experiences, having been gainfully able to deploy strength, no fear, and unconditional love and acceptance with a desire as big as the heart she has to help others!

Brooke~ Investigator

This lovely addition to the team brings a sense of peace, strength she doesn't fully recognize she has yet, realism, balance, and unconditional love & acceptance that spans constraints of time, space, etc. 

Don~ Investigator

Has had some experiences in spite of not viewing them as such. A gentle energy that takes a lot to get worked up into a raging campfire! 

Angie~ Investigator

A massive heart, energy, and lovable beyond measure; of course the whole team, but Angie has this unique fire inside that compliments and accents mine so well. Sensitive also and when she gets worked up to the point of self defense, look out! 


Megan~ Investigator

Shares in experiences and loves to enjoy life, family and connections are important to her with her loved ones, and such light shines through the cracks and crevices...more than she realizes at times. 

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